Recent Client Partnerships

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Woodside Ene‍‍‍rgy

As sponsors of the Supply Nation Connect conference, Woodside required printed marketing material featuring handsome cameraman, Todd Russell from the Digital Factory.

It takes a team!

CCA regularly produces inspiring video content with the Digital Factory. We are committed to incre‍‍‍asing the number of job opportunities in the cultural creative industries by building trust and over-delivering both fun and expertise!

Give us a call and together we can brainstorm your next project.

Compass contracted us to interview and film a variety of their team members talking about the importance of pausing and celebrating Indigenous achiev‍‍‍ements during National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) week.

We produced an edited video of cultural celebrations at the Compass head office in Perth.

Compass Group‍‍‍

NAIDOC event vid‍‍‍‍‍‍eo

Kennelly Constru‍‍‍ctions

Website and Marketin‍‍‍g Support

Kennelly is a leading Indigenous construction company based in Qld with major contracts all ‍‍‍over Australia. We have developed web content, slides, and capability statements.

The Kennelly brothers are dudes who deliver!

Ochre Workforce Solutions

Ochre Workforce Solutions is a full service recruitment and labour hire company which specialises in Indigenous employment.  We h‍‍‍ave developed capability statements, banners, calling cards, and other branding materials.

Dundee Rock

It is a Darwin based and 100% indigenous company that is operating in NT for over 15 years.

We assisted them in website creation, capability statement, banners, brochures, and calling cards.

Indigo Mining Se‍‍‍rvices

It creates sustainable employment opportunities for Indigenous people in the Goldsfield region of West Australia.

Our collaboration involves web‍‍‍site makeover, and all their print material.‍‍‍