At the Cultural Creative Agency (CCA), we design and deliver compelling communication and sales strategies. 

‍‍‍We take leading engagement trends to focus on the offers your customers really need as a solution to the‍‍‍‍‍‍ir problems. 

Building out campaigns & training around products, services, events or funding is integrated into our long-term partnerships. We educate you on the optimal ways to provide genuine education for your customers and assist by leveraging automation tools.

We shorten time to profit with creative projects for large and small businesses.

we create clear consistent designs to
drive your message across all forms of media

Are you looking for high impact ways
to communicate your message?

CCA can take you on a sustainable journey, using indigenous culture for the benefit of
Aboriginal suppliers and the wider community.

We have specialist expertise in supporting Aboriginal businesses, and companies
aiming to embed diversity in their supply chains.

By respectfully honouring our visual storytelling culture, we make it easy for organisations
to deliver culturally appropriate communications.

Recent Partnerships

About Justine Kinney

The Founder of CCA is Justine Kinney, a Yawaru woman from Broome in the north west of Western Australia.
Drawing on her people’s view of the world that all things are connected, Justine uses fresh communication strategies with creative elements flowing across multiple platforms.
Justine comes from a strong Indigenous business background and has an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges Aboriginal people face in business. She is also well-placed with access to resources, networks and opportunity to give her clients every advantage possible.
Passionate about keeping intercultural dialogue alive, Justine engages clients with art & design that resonates with thousands of years of expression and identity.

Culture is a Driver and Enabler of Economic, Social and Environmental Development

CCA is 100% indigenous owned and operated, a certified Supply Nation provider.

Our unique, original solutions inspire and accelerate economic, environmental, and social change. CCA has access to a deep network of Aboriginal creatives and artisans. Realising your diversity goals is easy when you collaborate with us.

We have built our close kinship links with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people on trust.
We can help you understand how Indigenous cultural and intellectual property rights
are integral to cultural maintenance.

Talk to us about accessing new markets and strengthening your existing markets
by demonstrating your commitment to the cultural creative industries.

Woodside Energy - Photoshoot for Indigenous contractor

Compass Group - NAIDOC event video

Kennelly Constructions - Website & Content Development, Slides, Capability Statement, Ongoing Marketing Support

Wakaya Group - Website Development, Capability Statement, Flyers, Graphics

YirraKurl - Website & Content Development, Branding, Flyers, Ongoing Creative Marketing Strategies

Run for Reconciliation - ICEA, ICG and RecWA:
City to Surf Filming, Social Media Campaigns, Graphics, Interviews and Sponsor Videos

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